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bhavat: neuter accusative singular stem: bhavat.
bhavat: neuter nominative singular stem: bhavat.
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bhavatmf(antī-)n. being, present etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhavatmf., (Nominal verb bh/avān-, vatī-; vocative case bhavan-or bhos- q.v; f. vati-; see ) your honour, your worship, your lordship or ladyship, you (literally"the gentleman or lady present"; see atra--and tatra-bh-;used respectfully for the 2nd Persian pronoun,but properly with the 3rd and only exceptionally with the 2nd Persian of the verb exempli gratia, 'for example' bhavān dadātu-,"let your highness give";sometimes in plural to express greater courtesy exempli gratia, 'for example' bhavantaḥ pramāṇam-,"your honour is an authority") etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhavat भवत् a. (-न्ती f.) 1 Being, becoming, happening. -2 Present; समतीतं च भवच्च भावि च R.8.78. -pron. a. (-ती f.) A respectful or honorific pronoun, translated by 'your honour', 'your lordship, worship or highness'; (oft. used in the sense of the second personal pronoun, but with the third person of the verb); अथवा कथं भवान् मन्यते M.1; भवन्त एव जानन्ति रघूणां च कुलस्थितिम् U.5.23; R.2.4;3.48;5.16. It is often joined to अत्र or तत्र (see the words), and sometimes to स also; यन्मां विधेय- विषये सभवान्नियुङ्क्ते Māl.1.9. -Comp. -भूतभव्ये ind. in present, past and future. -वसु a. wealthy, opulent.
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bhavat pr. pt. (nm. -an; f. -antî) being; present.
bhavat pr. pt. [the gentleman pre sent], m. used as honorific pronoun of the second person (nm. -ân, f. -at-î) with the third person (exceptionally with the second) and interchanging with the pronoun of the second person; the pl. is sts. used in token of greater respect. Bhavat is often joined with atra, tatra, and sts. even sa.
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bhavat( भवन्त् )ancient term for the present tense found in the Brhaddevata and other works, The term 'vartamana' for the present tense was also equally common. The word is found in the Mahabhasya, the Unadisutravrtti of Ujjvaladatta and in the Grammar of Jainendra confer, compare P.II.3.1 Vart 11, Unadi III. 50 Jain Vyak. I.1.471.
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