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bhasman: neuter vocative singular stem: bhasman
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bhasmanmfn. chewing, devouring, consuming, pulverizing View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhasmann. (also plural) "what is pulverized a or calcined by fire", ashes etc. (yuṣmābhir bhasma bhakṣayitavyam-,"you shall have ashes to eat" id est"you shall get nothing"; bhasmanihuta mani-huta-. mfn."sacrificed in ashes" id est"useless") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhasmann. sacred ashes (smeared on the body; see bhasma-dhāraṇa-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhasman भस्मन् n. [भस्-मनिन्] 1 Ashes; (कल्पते) ध्रुवं चिताभस्म- रजो विशुद्धये Ku.5.79. -2 Sacred ashes (smeared on the body); महादेवो$थ तद्भस्म मनोभवशरीरजम् । आदाय सर्व- गात्रेषु भूतिलेपं तदाकरोत् ॥ Kālikā P. (भस्मनि हु 'to sacrifice in ashes', i. e. to do a useless work). -Comp. -अग्निः morbid appetite from rapid digestion of food. -अवशेष a. remaining in the form of ashes; भस्मावशेषं मदनं चकार Ku.3.72; Ś.3.3. -अङ्गः a kind of pigeon. (-ङ्गम्) a kind of gem (Mar. पेरोज). -आह्वयः camphor. -उद्धूलनम्, -गुण्ठनम् smearing the body with ashes; भस्मोद्धूलन भद्रमस्तु भवते K. P.1. -कारः a washerman. -कूटः a heap of ashes. -गर्भः Dalbergia Ongeinensis (Mar. तिवस). -गन्धा, -गन्धिका, -गन्धिनी a kind of perfume. -गात्रः N. of the god of love. -चयः a heap of ashes. -तूलम् 1 frost, snow. -2 a shower of dust. -3 a number of villages. -प्रियः an epithet of Śiva. -भूत a. dead. -मेहः a sort of gravel. -रोगः a kind of disease; cf. भस्माग्नि. -लेपनम् smearing the body with ashes. -विधिः any rite performed with ashes. -वेधकः camphor. -शर्करः (probably) potash. -शायिन् m. N. of Śiva. -सूत-करणम् calcining of quicksilver. -स्नानम् purification by ashes.
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bhasman a. eating, devouring (RV.); n. [that which is devoured by fire], ashes.
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bhasman noun (neuter) ashes (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
sacred ashes (smeared on the body) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
one of the five effects of fixation of mercury
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