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bhagosSee bhagavat-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhagos भगोस् Voc. A term of address like भगवन्, भगवस्; यन्नु म इयं भगोः सर्वा पृथिवीं वित्तेन पूर्णा स्यात् Bṛi. Up.2.4.2.
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bhagavat a. possessing a happy lot, fortunate, blessed; adorable, venerable, divine (ep. of gods and demi-gods), august, illustrious, holy (of saints); worshipful as a term of address in vc.(bhagavan, bhagavas (V.), bhagos, f. bhagavati, m. pl. bhagavantah) or nm. with 3 sg.; m. ep. of Vishnu or Krish na, and of Siva: -î, f. ep. of Lakshmî and of Durgâ; -vad-âsraya-bhûta, pp. being the seat or resting-place of the Venerable One (Vishnu).
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