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bandhya: Gerund (-ya)bandh
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bandhyamfn. to be bound or fettered or imprisoned View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bandhyamfn. to be constructed (see vandhya-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bandhya बन्ध्य [बन्ध्-यत्] 1 To be bound or fettered, to be confined or imprisoned; अबन्ध्यं यश्च बध्नाति बद्धं यश्च प्रमुञ्चति Y.2.243. -2 To be joined or bound together. -3 To be formed, built or constructed. -4 Detained, under arrest. -5 (= वन्ध्य) Barren, unproductive, fruitless; useless (said of persons or things); बन्ध्यश्रमास्ते R.16.75; अबन्ध्ययत्नाश्च बभूवुरत्र ते 3.29; Ki.1.33. -6 Not having the menses or menstrual discharge. -7 (At the end of comp.) Deprived or destitute of. -Comp. -फल a. useless, vain, idle.
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bandhya fp. deserving to be bound, fettered, or imprisoned; to be constructed; -stopped up (cp. vandhya).

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