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balvajaSee balbaja-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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balvaja बल्वजः जा A kind of coarse grass; मुञ्जालाभे तु कर्तव्याः कुशाश्मन्तकबल्वजैः Ms.2.43. बह्लिकाः bahlikāḥ बह्लीकाः bahlīkāḥ बह्लिकाः बह्लीकाः (pl.) N. of a country (Balkh) and its inhabitants.
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balvaja noun (masculine) a kind of plant (?)
Frequency rank 17038/72933
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balvajaḥ, balvajā, dṛḍhapatrī, tṛṇakṣuḥ, tṛṇavalvajā, mauñjīpatrā, dṛḍhatṛṇā, pānīyāśnā, dṛḍhakṣurā   


balvajaḥ bṛhadākārakaḥ bhavati।

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