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balam: neuter nominative singular stem: bala
balam: neuter accusative singular stem: bala
balam: masculine accusative singular stem: bala
balām: feminine accusative singular stem: bala
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abhihāraḥ3.3.176MasculineSingularnyāyyam, varam, balam, sthirāṃśaḥ
bālamFeminineSingularbarhiṣṭham, udīcyam, keśāmbunāma, hrīberam
balam2.8.107NeuterSingularparākramaḥ, sthāma, taraḥ, śaktiḥ, śauryam, draviṇam, prāṇaḥ, śuṣmam, sahaḥ
mahaḥ3.3.239NeuterSingularbalam, mārgaḥ
nabhaḥ3.3.240NeuterSingularprabhāvaḥ, dīptiḥ, balam, śukram
pratiśrayaḥ3.3.161MasculineSingularbalam, prabhāvaḥ
samayaḥ3.3.157MasculineSingularpaścādavasthāyibalam, samavāyaḥ
senā2.8.79FeminineSingularsainyam, camūḥ, ‍vāhinī, anīkam, balam, anīkanī, dhvajinī, cakram, ‍varūthinī, pṛtanā
tapaḥ3.3.240NeuterSingulardīptiḥ, balam
tṛṣṇā3.3.57FeminineSingularbalam, dhanam
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balam बलम् [बल्-अच्] 1 Strength, power, might, vigour; क्षत्त्रियाणां बलं युद्धम् Brav. P. -2 Force, violence; as in बलात् q. v. -3 An army, host, forces, troops; भवेदभीष्म- मद्रोणं धृतराष्ट्रबलं कथम् Ve.3.24,43; बलं भीष्मा(भीमा)भिरक्षितम् Bg.1.1; R.16.37. -4 Bulkiness, stoutness (of the body). -5 Body, figure, shape. -6 Semen virile. -7 Blood, -8 Gum myrrh. -9 A shoot, sprout. -1 Force or power of articulation; वर्णः स्वरः । मात्रा बलम् । साम संतानः । इत्युक्तः शीक्षाध्यायः T. Up.1.2.1. -11 The deity of power (such as Indra); नमो बलप्रमथनाय Mb.12.284. 94. -12 The hand; क्रान्ते विष्णुर्बले शक्रः कोष्ठे$ग्निर्भोक्तुमिच्छति Mb.12.239.8. -13 Effort (यत्न); विधिः शुक्रं बलं चेति त्रय एते गुणाः परे Mb.12.32.11 (com. बलं वासनाविषयप्राप्त्यनु- कूलो यत्नः). (बलेन means 'on the strength of', 'by means or virtue of'; बाहुबलेन जितः, वीर्यबलेन &c.; बलात् 'perforce', 'forcibly', 'violently', 'against one's will'; बलान्निद्रा समायाता Pt.1; हृदयमदये तस्मिन्नेवं पुनर्वलते बलात् Gīt.7.). -लः 1 A crow; Rām.6.54.9. -2 N. of the elder brother of Kṛiṣṇa; see बलराम below. -3 N. of a demon killed by Indra. -Comp. -अग्रम् excessive strength or force. (-ग्रः) the head of an army. -अङ्गकः the spring; 'वसन्त इष्यः सुरभिः पुष्पकालो बलाङ्गकः' H. Ch.156. -अञ्चिता the lute of Balarāma. -अटः a kind of beam. -अधिक a. surpassing in strength, of superior strength or force. -अधिकरणम् the affairs of an army; -अध्यक्षः 1 a general or commander of an army; सेनापतिबलाध्यक्षौ सर्वदिक्षु निवेशयेत् Ms.7.189. -2 a war-minister. -3 An officer in charge of infantry. -अनुजः an epithet of Kṛiṣṇa. -अन्वित a. 1 endowed with strength, mighty, powerful. -2 leading an army. -अबलम् 1 comparative strength and want of strength, relative strength and weakness; परात्मनोः परिच्छिद्य शक्त्या- दीनां बलाबलम् R.17.59. -2 relative significance and insignificance, comparative importance and unimportance; समय एव करोति बलाबलम् Śi.6.44. ˚अधिकरणम् a kind of न्यायभेद according to Jaimini. -अभ्रः an army in the form of a cloud. -अरातिः an epithet of Indra. -अर्थिन् a. desirous of power; राज्ञो बलार्थिनः षष्ठे (वर्षे उपनयनं कार्यम्) Ms.2.37. -अवलेपः pride of strength. -अशः, -असः 1 consumption. -2 the phlegmatic humour (कफ). -3 a swelling in the throat (which stops the passages of food). -आढ्यः a bean. -आत्मिका a kind of sun-flower (हस्तिशुण्डी). -आलयः a military camp; पूज्यमानो हरिगणैराजगाम बलालयम् Rām.6.112.8. -आहः water. -उत्कट a. of mighty strength; न वध्यते ह्यविश्वस्तो दुर्बलो$पि बलोत्कटैः Pt.2.44;3.115. -उपपन्न, -उपेत a. endowed with strength, strong, powerful; एतां रामबलोपेतां रक्षां यः सुकृती पठेत् Rāmarakṣā.1. -उपादानम् Recruitment of the army; Kau. A. -ओघः a multitude of troops, numerous army; लक्ष्मीं दधत् प्रति- गिरेरलघुर्बलौघः Śi.5.2. -कर, -कृत् a. strengthening. -कृत done by force or against free consent; सर्वान् बलकृता- नर्थानकृतान् मनुरब्रवीत् Ms.8.168. -क्षोभः disturbance in the army, mutiny, revolt. -चक्रम् 1 dominion, sovereignty. -2 an army, a host. -ज a. produced by power. (-जम्) 1 a city-gate, gate. -2 a field. -3 grain, a heap of grain; त्वं समीरण इव प्रतीक्षितः कर्षकेण बलजान् पुपूषता Śi.14.7. -4 war, battle -5 marrow, pith. -6 a pretty figure. (-जा) 1 the earth. -2 a handsome woman. -3 a kind of jasmine (Arabian). -4 a rope. -तापनः an epithet of Indra; अफिषिषेच मरन्दरसामृतैर्नवलताबलता- पनरत्नभम् (अलिनम्) Rām. Ch.4.12. -दः an ox, a bullock -दर्पः pride of strength. -देवः 1 air, wind. -2 N. of the elder brother of Kṛiṣṇa; see बलराम below. -बलदेवा (वी) f. N. of a medicinal herb which is also called त्रायमाण. It grows in the forests on the slopes of the Himālayas and in Persia. -द्विष् m., -निषूदनः epithets of Indra; बलनिषूदनमर्थपतिं च तम् R.9.3. -निग्रह a. weakening, enervating. -पतिः 1 a general, commander. -2 an epithet of Indra. -पुच्छकः a crow; Nigh. Ratn. -पृष्ठकः a kind of deer (Mar. रोहें). -प्रद a. giving strength, invigorating. -प्रमथनी N. of a form of Durgā. -प्रसूः N. of Rohinī, mother of Balarāma. -भद्र a. strong, powerful. (-द्रः) 1 a strong or powerful man. -2 a kind of ox. -3 N. of Balarāma, q. v. below. -4 the tree called लोध्र. -5 N. of Ananta. (-द्रा) a maiden. -भिद् m. an epithet of Indra; Ś.2. -भृत् a. strong, powerful. -मुख्यः the chief of an army. -रामः 'the strong Rāma', N. of the elder brother of Kṛiṣṇa. [He was the seventh son of Vasudava and Devakī; but transferred to the womb of Rohiṇī to save him from falling a prey to the cruelty of Kaṁsa. He and his brother Kṛiṣṇa were brought up by Nanda in Gokula. When quite young, he killed the powerful demons Dhenuka and Pralamba, and performed, like his brother, many feats of surprising strength. On one occasion Balarāma under the influence of wine, of which he was very fond, called upon the Yamunā river to come to him that he might bathe; and on his command being unheeded, he plunged his plough-share into the river and dragged the waters after him, until the river assumed a human form and asked his forgivenss. On another occasion he dragged towards himself the whole city of Hastināpura along with its walls. As Kṛiṣṇa was a friend and admirer of the Pāṇḍavas, so Balarāma was of the Kauravas, as was seen in his desire of giving his sister Subhadrā to Duryodhana rather than to Arjuna; yet he declined to take any part in the great Bhāratī war either with the Pāṇḍavas or the Kauravas. He is represented as dressed in blue clothes, and armed with a ploughshare which was his most effective weapon. His wife was Revatī. He is sometimes regarded as an incarnation of the serpent Śeṣa and sometimes as the eighth incarnation of Viṣṇu; see the quotation under हल]. -वर्जित a. infirm, weak. -वर्णिन् a. strong and looking well. -वर्धन a. invigorating, strengthening. -m. N. of स्थण्डिलाग्नि in उत्सर्जन or उपाकर्म. -विन्यासः array or arrangement of troops. -व्यसनम् the defeat of an army. -व्यापद् f. decrease of strength. -शालिन् a. strong; बलशालितया यथा तथा वा धियमुच्छेदपरामयं दधानः Ki.13.12. -समुत्थानम् Recruiting a strong army; Kau. A.1.16; तमभियोक्तुं बलसमुत्थानमकरोत् Dk.2.8. -सूदनः an epithet of Indra. -सेना a strong army, an army, host. -स्थ a. strong, powerful. (-स्थः) a warrior, soldier. -स्थितिः f. 1 a camp; an encampment. -2 a royal camp. -हन्, -हन्तृ m. 1 an epithet of Indra; पाण्डुः स्मरति ते नित्यं बलहन्तुः समीपगः Mb.15.2.17. -2 of Balarāma. -3 phlegm. -हीन a. destitute of strength, weak, feeble.
       Bloomfield Vedic
5 results
balam asi AVś.2.17.3; AVP.2.45.5; VS.19.9; TS.; MS.2.1.11: 13.13; KS.10.7; TB.;; TA.10.26.1; Tā.10.35; MahānU.15.1; Kś.19.2.20; Mś.8.23.28; BDh.3.2.7.
balam asi samudriyam TS.; 10.3; KS.11.9.
balam indrānaḍutsu naḥ RV.3.53.18b.
balam indre vayo dadhat VS.28.37e; TB. See śūṣam indre.
balam indro dadhātu me AVś.19.43.6d.
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balam an armed forceSB 10.42.21
balam and physical strengthSB 10.40.13-14
SB 10.85.8
balam and to Lord BalarāmaSB 10.85.55-56
balam armySB 10.50.7-8
SB 6.10.30
balam at Lord BalarāmaSB 10.61.29
balam BalaSB 9.24.46
balam BalarāmaSB 10.61.27-28
balam bodily strengthSB 11.17.17
SB 2.10.15
SB 9.15.16
balam energySB 3.12.47
balam false strengthBG 18.51-53
balam forceSB 10.50.42
SB 10.54.5
balam great strengthSB 3.3.14
balam his forceSB 10.52.14
balam influence, armySB 4.12.16
balam is actual powerSB 9.6.29
balam Lord BaladevaSB 10.15.30
balam Lord BalarāmaSB 10.18.32
SB 10.61.27-28
SB 10.67.14-15
SB 10.67.17
balam military forceSB 10.50.25-28
SB 10.63.17
SB 10.66.17
balam physical strengthSB 5.20.6
balam powerSB 3.26.58
balam proper executionSB 1.16.26-30
balam prowessSB 1.18.35
balam strengthBG 1.10
balam strengthBG 1.10
BG 16.18
BG 7.11
SB 10.41.52
SB 10.49.5-6
SB 11.19.28-32
SB 11.19.36-39
SB 11.23.25
SB 12.2.1
SB 12.2.2
SB 2.5.26-29
SB 4.22.44
SB 6.15.21-23
SB 7.8.7
SB 8.15.27
SB 8.5.37
balam strength of the bodySB 11.4.4
SB 4.18.15
balam strongSB 10.50.30
balam the armySB 10.52.5
SB 10.54.4
SB 10.71.17
SB 10.77.4
balam the military forceSB 10.50.5-6
SB 10.63.48
balam the military strengthSB 10.52.41
balam the physical strengthSB 10.56.26
balam the powerSB 10.7.10
balam the soldiersSB 9.5.8
balam the strengthCC Madhya 21.100
SB 10.44.18
SB 10.57.14
SB 11.25.19
SB 3.31.38
SB 5.24.16
SB 8.5.34
balam the strength of the bodySB 6.12.9
balam to Lord BalarāmaSB 10.68.19
balam to render possible that which is impossibleSB 1.16.26-30
balam to their strengthSB 10.53.35
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śaktiḥ, sattvam, sāmarthyam, balam, kṣamatā, ūrjaḥ, vīryam, vikramaḥ   

tat tattvam yasya prabhāveṇa kimapi kāryaṃ kartuṃ kārayituṃ vā śakyate।

asmin kārye tava śaktiṃ jñāsyāmi।


sāmarthyam, balam, vīryam   

kṣamatāpūrṇā avasthā bhāvo vā।

bhavatāṃ sāmarthyād eva etad kāryaṃ sampannam।


balam, āyattiḥ, utsāhaḥ, tavasyam   

śarīrasya śaktiḥ।

puṣṭivardhakasya bhojanasya abhāvāt balaṃ mīnāti।


sāmarthyam, śaktiḥ, balam, prabhāvaḥ, vīryam, ūrjaḥ, sahaḥ, ojaḥ, vibhavaḥ, tejaḥ, vikramaḥ, parākramaḥ, śauryam, draviṇam, taraḥ, sahaḥ, sthāmaḥ, śuṣmam, prāṇaḥ, śaktitā, vayā, īśā, āyattiḥ, āspadam, utsāhaḥ, aidham, aiśyam, tavaḥ, pratāpaḥ, prabalatā, prabalatā, sabalatā, prabalatvam, prāsahaḥ, dhiṣṇyam, vaibhavam, śambaraḥ   

śāririkī kṣamatā yayā manuṣyaḥ kāryaṃ kartuṃ śakyate।

bharatasya sāmarthyaṃ kena api na jñāyate।


balam, surakṣābalam   

surakṣākarmiṇāṃ dalam।

saḥ bale bhāgaṃ grahītum icchati।

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