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avasthitif. residence, abiding, stability, See an-av- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
avasthitif. following, practising View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anavasthitif. instability View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anavasthitif. unsteadiness View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anavasthitif. looseness of character. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
varṇavyavasthiti() f. caste-system, institution of caste. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vyavasthitavasthitif. the being placed apart or kept asunder or distinguished, separation, distinction, difference staying, abiding, perseverance in (instrumental case or locative case) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vyavasthitavasthitif. constancy, steadfastness View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vyavasthitavasthitif. fixity, fixed rule or statute, decision, determination etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vyavasthitavasthitif. extracting (?) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vyavasthā व्यवस्था 1 Adjustment, arrangement, settlement; as in वर्णाश्रमव्यवस्था. -2 Fixity, definiteness; भङ्गं जयं चापतुरव्यवस्थम् R.7.54. -3 Fixity, firm basis; आजह्रतु- स्तच्चरणौ पृथिव्यां स्थलारवन्दश्रियमव्यवस्थाम् Ku.1.33. -4 Relative position. -5 A settled rule, law, statute, decree, decision, legal opinion, written declaration of the law (especially on doubtful points or where contradictory texts have to be properly adjusted). -6 An agreement, a contract. -7 State, condition. -8 State or order of things. -9 Separation. -Comp. -अतिक्रमः violation of the law, breaking a contract. -पत्रम् a written deed, document. व्यवस्थानम् vyavasthānam व्यवस्थितिः vyavasthitiḥ व्यवस्थानम् व्यवस्थितिः f. 1 Arrangement, settlement, determination, decision; बाजक्षेत्रे तथैवान्ये तत्रेयं तु व्यवस्थितिः Ms.1.7. -2 A rule, statute, decision. -3 Steadiness, constancy. -4 Firmness, perseverance; साधु धर्मे व्यवस्थानं क्रियतां यदि शक्यते Rām.7.13.18. -5 A fixed limit; न विद्यते व्यवस्थानं क्रुद्धयोः कृष्णयोः क्वचित् Mb.8.87.78. -6 Separation. -नः N. of Viṣṇu.
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baddha pp. (√ bandh) bound, etc.: -ka, m. prisoner (V.); -kadambaka, a. forming groups; -kalâpin, a. having his quiver tied on; -graha, a. insisting on something; -kitta, a. having one's thoughts fixed on (lc.); -trishna, a. longing for (--°ree;); -drishti, a. having one's gaze fixed on (lc.); -dvesha, a. entertaining hatred for any one; -niskaya, a. firmly resolved; -netra, a. having the eyes fixed on anything, gazing steadfastly; -pratigña, a. having made a promise; -pratisrut, a. echoing; -bhâva, m. having the affections fixed on, enamoured of (lc.); -bhîma½andhakâra, a. wrapped in terrible gloom; -mandala, a. having circles formed, ranged in circles; -mushti, a. having the fist elenched; close-fisted; -mûla, a. having taken root, firmly rooted; having gained a firm footing: -tâ, f. firm footing; -mauna, a. observing silence; -rabhasa, a.impetuous, passionate; -râga, a. having one's desire fixed on, enamoured of (lc.); -râgga, a. hav ing gained the sovereignty, having succeeded to the throne; -laksha, a. having the gaze fixed on, gazing steadfastly at (--°ree;); -vasati, a. having one's abode fixed in, dwelling in (lc.); -vâk, a. obstructing speech; -vepathu, a. trembling; -vaira, a. having contracted hostility with (in. or --°ree;); -sikha, a. having one's hair tied in a top-knot;-srotra-manas- kakshus, a. having ears, mind, and eyes fixed on (lc.); -sneha, a. entertaining affection for (lc.); -spriha, a. feeling a longing for (--°ree;); -½añgali, a. holding one's hands joined together (in supplication or as a mark of respect); -½âdara, a. attaching great value to (--°ree;); -½ânanda, a. having joy attaching to it, joyful (day); -½anurâga, a. conceiving an attachment, enamoured; -½anusaya, a. con ceiving an unconquerable hatred; -½andha kâra, a. wrapped in darkness; -½avasthiti, a. constant; -½âsa, a. entertaining hope of (--°ree;); -½âsa&ndot;ka, a. conceiving anxiety; -½ut sava, a. entering upon a festival; -½udyama,a. making efforts or prepared to (inf.).
varṇarāśi m. alphabet; -lopa, m. dropping of a letter; -varti: -kâ, f. paint brush; -vikriyâ, f. violation of the rules of caste; -vritta, n. metre measured by the number of syllables; -vyatikrântâ, pp. f.having transgressed with a man of lower caste; -vyavasthiti, f. caste system; -sik shâ, f. phonetics; -sreshtha, m. best man by caste, Brâhman; -samsarga, m. mixture of castes by intermarriage; -samhâra, m. assem blyrepresentative of castes; -samkara, m. mixture of colours (rare); mixture of castes by intermarriage; -samghâta, m., -samghâta, m., -samâmnâya, m. (combination of letters), alphabet; -sthâna, n. place (in the mouth) of the production of a letter.
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avasthiti existenceCC Adi 5.58
avasthiti positionCC Madhya 20.269
avasthiti situatedCC Madhya 8.257
avasthiti different statuses of bodily growthSB 3.13.38
avasthiti situationSB 8.7.29
avasthitim all stagesSB 4.9.15
avasthitim locationSB 10.83.24
avasthitim the locationSB 10.83.23
anavasthiti the riches do not stay in one place but pass from one hand to anotherSB 5.14.24
vyavasthiti the situationBG 16.1-3
vyavasthiti permanent situationSB 2.10.6
vyavasthiti the prescribed arrangementSB 11.5.11
vyavasthiti abidingCC Madhya 22.91
vyavasthiti stayingCC Madhya 24.135
vyavasthitim the firm situationSB 10.1.59
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avasthiti noun (feminine) following (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
residence (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 8737/72933
anavasthiti noun (feminine) instability (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
looseness of character (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
unsteadiness (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 22938/72933
vyavasthiti noun (feminine) position stay staying
Frequency rank 13191/72933
saṃvyavasthiti noun (feminine)
Frequency rank 70119/72933
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virodhaḥ, pratirodhaḥ, pratikāraḥ, pratīkāraḥ, vipratikāraḥ, pratikriyā, pratikūlatā, prātikūlyam, pratiyogaḥ, pratiyogitā, paryavasthānam, paryavasthā, paryavasthitiḥ, pratyavasthatiḥ, praticchedaḥ, nikāraḥ, pratibandhaḥ, pratibandhakatā, pratiṣṭambhaḥ, nivāraṇam   


rāmasya virodhe satyapi mayā nirvācanārthaṃ yatitam।

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