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avagantavyamfn. to be known or understood, intended to be understood, meant. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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avagantavya fp. to be understood; to be concluded from (ab.); -gantri, m. one who understands; -gama, m., -na, n. understanding, cognizance, ascertainment; -gâha, m. immersion; washing; bathing: -na, n. id.; -gâhin, a. reaching to; engaging in (--°ree;); -gunthana, n. veiling; veil: -vat, a. veiled; -gûrana, n. roaring, raging; -graha, m. hindrance; obstacle; drought; division of a word; pause, mark of elision (gr.); -grâha, m. drought; -grâham, abs. separating the words; -grâhin, a. separating; -gharsha- na, n. rubbing off; -ghâta, m. blow; un husking by pounding.
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