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atisneha अतिस्नेहः Over-affection, ˚हः कार्यदर्शी V.2 sees or finds what is to be done; ˚हः पापशङ्की Ś.4 is apt to suspect evil.
pratisneha प्रतिस्नेहः Love in return, requital or reciprocation of love.
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atisneha m. excessive attachment; -svalpa, a. quite small, quite insignificant; -svastha, a. in excellent health.
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atisneha noun (masculine)
Frequency rank 15391/72933
atisnehay verb (class 10 parasmaipada)
Frequency rank 42276/72933
anatisneha noun (masculine)
Frequency rank 31716/72933

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