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asitasya: masculine genitive singular stem: asita
asitasya: neuter genitive singular stem: asita
Bloomfield Vedic
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asitasya gṛhebhyaḥ AVś.6.137.1d.
asitasya te (AVP. omits te) brahmaṇā AVś.1.14.4a; AVP.1.15.4a.
asitasya taimātasya AVś.5.13.6a; AVP.1.44.1a; 8.2.4a. Cf. Kauś.29.9.
asitasya brahmaṇā see prec. but one.
asitasya vidradhasya AVP.1.90.1a; 8.7.8a. Cf. vidradhasya balāsasya.
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asitasya that of AsitaSB 3.1.22
avasitasya who residesSB 3.28.33
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