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paunaruktikamfn. equals punaruktam adhīte veda vā- gaRa ukthādi-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ruc cl.1 A1. () rocate- (Vedic or Veda and Epic also ti-; perfect tense ruroca-, ruruc/e- etc.; subjunctive rurucanta- Potential rurucyās- ; parasmE-pada rurukv/as-, rurucān/a- ; Aorist arucat- ; arociṣṭa- etc.; arukta- ; parasmE-pada rucān/a- ; Aorist Passive voice aroci- ; preceding rucīya- ; rociṣīya- ; ruciṣīya- ; future rocitā- grammar; rociṣyate- ; infinitive mood rocitum- ; ruc/e- ; ind.p. rucitvā-or rocitvā- ), to shine, be bright or radiant or resplendent etc. ; (only in perfect tense P.) to make bright or resplendent ; to be splendid or beautiful or good etc. ; to be agreeable to, please (dative case or genitive case) etc. ; to be pleased with, like (accusative) ; to be desirous of, long for (dative case) : Causal roc/ayati-, te- (Aorist /arūrucat-, cata-; Passive voice rocyate-), to cause to shine ; to enlighten, illuminate, make bright ; to make pleasant or beautiful ; to cause any one (accusative) to long for anything (dative case) ; to find pleasure in, like, approve, deem anything right (accusative or infinitive mood) etc. ; to choose as (double accusative) ; to purpose, intend ; (Passive voice) to be pleasant or agreeable to (dative case) : Desiderative ruruciṣate- or rurociṣate- grammar : Intensive (only p. r/orucāna-) to shine bright [ confer, compare Greek , ;lux,luceo,luna,lumen; Gothic liuhath,lauhmuni; German lioht,lieht,licht; Anglo-Saxon leo4ht; English light.]
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paunaḥpunyam पौनःपुन्यम् Frequent or constant repetition. पौनरुक्तम् paunaruktam पौनरुक्त्यम् paunaruktyam पौनरुक्तम् पौनरुक्त्यम् 1 Repetition; अतिप्रियो$सीति पौनरुक्त्यम् K.237; R.12.4. -2 Superfluity, redundancy, uselessness; अभिव्यक्तायां चन्द्रिकायां किं दीपिकापौन- रुक्त्येन V.3.
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punaruktaa passage which is repeated in the क्रमपाठ and the other Pāțhas or recitals; the word is also used in the sense of the conventional repetition of a word at the end of a chapter. The word पुनर्वचन is used also in the same sense; confer, compare यथोक्तं पुनरुक्तं त्रिपदप्रभृति त्रिपदप्रभृति । T.Pr.I.6l: confer, compare also Ṛgvedaprātiśākhya by Śaunaka ( Sanskrit Sāhityapariṣad Edition, Calcutta.) X.8 and 10.
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punaḥ uktam।

vyākhyātuḥ punaruktena kathanena mama bhramaḥ apagataḥ।


āvṛtta, punarukta   

yaḥ punaḥ uktaḥ।

āvṛttaḥ pāṭhaḥ kaṇṭhasthībhūtaḥ।



nyāyasiddhānte nigrahasthānaviśeṣaḥ।

mama punaruktasya bodhaḥ nāsti।

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