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arthena: neuter instrumentative singular stem: artha
arthena: masculine instrumentative singular stem: artha
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saṃgatha m. [√ gam] coming to gether, convergence, centre (V.); -gamá, m. meeting (of friends or foes), union, associa tion, intercourse (also sexual), with (in. ± saha, g., --°ree;); confluence; connexion, con tact, with (in., --°ree;); acquirement of (g.): anarthena --, harm, injury: -datta, m. N.; -gámana, V. a. (î) gathering together; m. assembler of (g.; V.); n. meeting, union, with (--°ree;; V., C.); coming into contact with, acquirement of (in.; C.); -gama-svâmin, m. N.
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arthena a purpose or meaningSB 3.7.10
arthena by direct explanationSB 2.10.2
arthena by explanationCC Adi 2.91-92
arthena by the moneySB 6.1.64
arthena by wealthSB 11.23.21
arthena for thatSB 3.5.17
arthena substance or realitySB 6.15.24
arthena their manifest productSB 12.4.27
arthena with economic developmentSB 4.8.64
vyarthena in vainSB 11.28.37
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