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arhayet: third person singular present causative optative class parasmaipadaarh
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arh cl.1 P. /arhati-, rarely A1. arhate- ([ ]), (parasmE-pada /arkat-[see below]; Vedic or Veda infinitive mood arh/ase-[ ]; perf. 3. plural ānarhuḥ- ,but Vedic or Veda ānṛhuḥ-[ confer, compare ānṛc/uḥ-, arc-] ) to deserve, merit, be worthy of, to have a claim to, be entitled to (accusative), to be allowed to do anything (infinitive mood) ; to be obliged or required to do anything (accusative) ; to be worth, counterbalance, to be able ; (arhase-,2. sg. with an infinitive mood is often used as a softened form of Imper.; exempli gratia, 'for example' dātum arhasi-,"be pleased to give"; śrotum arhasi-,"deign to listen", for śṛṇu-): Causal (optative arhayet- ; Aorist, ārjihat- ) to honour. Desiderative arjihiṣati- ([ confer, compare Greek ]) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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arhayet one should presentSB 11.27.43
arhayet one should propitiateSB 3.29.27
na garhayet one should not criticizeSB 11.28.1
garhayet should criticizeCC Antya 8.78
na garhayet one should not criticizeSB 11.28.1
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