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arcayas: masculine nominative plural stem: arci
arcayas: masculine vocative plural stem: arci
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arc cl.1. P. /arcats- (subjunctive /arcāt- imperfect tense /ārcat-; Aorist ārcīt- , perf. ānarca-3. plural ānarcuḥ-[ ] , but Vedic or Veda ānṛc/uḥ-[ ]; perf. A1.(Passive voice) ānarce-[ ],but Vedic or Veda s/am ānṛce-[ ]; future parasmE-pada arciṣyat-[ ] . ind.p., arcya-[ etc.; see Scholiast or Commentator ]or arcitvā-[ ] , Vedic or Veda infinitive mood ṛc/ase-[ ]) to shine, brilliant ; to praise, sing (also used of the roaring of the marut-s, and of a bull[ ]) , to praise anything to another (dative case), recommend ; to honour or treat with respect etc. ; to adorn : exceptionally A1. (1. plural arcāmahe-) to honour : Causal (2. sg. arcayas-) to cause to shine P. A1. to honour or treat with respect etc.: Desiderative arciciṣati-, to wish to honour Ved. Passive voice ṛcyate- (parasmE-pada ṛcy/amāna-) to be praised View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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