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āp cl.5 P. āpn/oti- ([ ,etc.]), (perf. āpa- Aorist āpat- future āpsyati- infinitive mood āptum-) A1. (perf. 3. plural āpir/e- , parasmE-pada perfect tense āpān/a- ,but also present tense parasmE-pada /āpnāna- ) to reach, overtake, meet with, fall upon etc. ; to obtain, gain, take possession of etc. etc. ; to undergo, suffer ; to fall, come to any one ; to enter, pervade, occupy ; to equal: Passive voice āpyate-, to be reached or found or met with or obtained ; to arrive at one's aim or end, become filled etc.: Causal P. āpayati-, to cause to reach or obtain or gain etc. ; to cause any one to suffer ; to hit : Desiderative P. and A1. īpsati- and īpsate- ([ ]) to strive to reach or obtain etc.: Desiderative of the Causal āpipayiṣati-, to strive to reach ; ([probably connected with 1. ap-; confer, compare apna-; Greek , ; Latin apiscor, aptus-, ops-; Old German uoban; modern German üben.])
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