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anusavanamind. at every sacrifice etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anusavanamind. constantly View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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anusavanam अनुसवनम् (also अनुसवम्) ind. 1 After a sacrifice. -2 At every sacrifice, after ablutions. -3 Every moment. cf. Bhāg.1.15.28.
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anusavanam almost alwaysSB 5.7.5
anusavanam alwaysSB 5.4.18
anusavanam at each of the junctures of the day (sunrise, noon and sunset)SB 12.6.68
anusavanam at every momentSB 5.3.8
anusavanam constantlySB 5.17.2
anusavanam more and moreSB 9.19.18
anusavanam regularlySB 6.4.21
anusavanam regularly three times (morning, noon and evening)SB 1.13.53
anusavanam three timesSB 4.8.43
anusavanam without stoppingSB 5.6.17
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