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anusamayaSee anu-sam-i-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anusamayam. regular connection (as of words) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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anusamaya अनुसमयः 1 Regular or proper connection, as of words. -2 Doing several details with reference to several things or persons. This can be done in more ways than one and hence we have three varieties of अनुसमय (a) पदार्थानुसमय i. e. doing one thing with reference to all, then doing the second in the same way and so on. (b) काण्डानुसमय i. e. doing the whole mass of details with reference to one thing first, then doing the same with the second and so on. This is also known as एकजातीयानुसमय. (c) समुदायानुसमय i. e. doing a group of details forming a composite whole (समुदाय) with reference to one, then doing it with reference to the second and so on. It may be noted that when several details are to be performed with reference to one thing or person, the details are in close proximity with the प्रधान and hence the problem of अङ्गप्रधानप्रत्यासत्ति does not arise in such cases. But when several things are to be performed with respect to several things or persons, this अङ्गप्रधानप्रत्यासत्ति can be achieved by following the पदार्थानुसमय, which, therefore, is to be preferred to the other two words. (This is known as the पदार्थानुसमयन्याय.) But when पदार्थानुसमय is found not practicable, the second mode i. e. the काण़्डानुसमय or एकजातीयानुसमय should be adopted, provided that among the details to be performed, there are none which together form a composite whole. (This is known as काण्डानुसमयन्याय.) If, however, there are among the details to be performed some details which form one or more composite wholes, they should be performed together with the first thing or person, then with the second, and so on. Thus in such cases the समुदायानुसमय should be adopted. (This is known as समुदायानुसमयन्याय.)

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