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indraś cākṣujālābhyām # AVś.8.8.18c.
bhayaṃ pracālābhyām # TS.; KSA.13.3.
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alabhyam is unattainableSB 10.39.2
alabhyam not obtainableCC Madhya 25.283
alabhyam unobtainableSB 7.6.25
upalabhyamāna being realizedSB 5.15.7
upalabhyamānaḥ being situatedSB 5.22.8
upalabhyamānaḥ is situatedSB 5.22.13
upalabhyamānaḥ is situatedSB 5.22.14
upalabhyamānatvāt due to being experiencedSB 5.22.2
upalabhyamānatvāt due to being observedSB 5.22.2
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alabhyamāna adjective not caught
Frequency rank 32587/72933
anupalabhyamāna adjective not being perceived (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 16405/72933
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