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akraman: third person plural present imperfect class 1 parasmaipadakram
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kram cl.1 P. A1. kr/āmati- (; Epic also kramati-), kramate- ( , Epic also krāmate-;according to cl.4 P. krāmyati-[ kramyati- ]; Aorist akramīt- etc.; A1. kr/amiṣṭa-, kraṃsate-[ ] , 3. plural c/akramanta-[ ]; perf. cakrāma-,or cakrame-; parasmE-pada cakramāṇ/a- ; future kramiṣyati-or kraṃsyate- ind.p. krāntvā-, krantvā-,or kramitvā- ), to step, walk, go, go towards, approach (with /accha-, /adhi- accusative or locative case) etc. ; to approach in order to ask for assistance (with locative case) ; to go across, go over etc. ; Ved. to climb (as on a tree's branch) ; to cover (in copulation) ; to stretch over, project over, tower above, (ind.p. krāntvā-) ; to take possession of ; A1. to undertake, strive after, make effort for (dative case) ; (locative case) ; A1. () to proceed well, advance, make progress, gain a footing, succeed, have effect ; to be appliable or practicable ; P. to be liable to the peculiar arrangement of a Vedic text called krama- (id est to be doubled, as a letter or word) ; A1. to read according to the krama- arrangement of a Vedic text (a-krānta-): Causal P. kramayati-, to cause to step ; kramayati- or krām-, to make liable to the peculiar arrangement called krama- (id est to double a letter or word) etc.: Intensive caṅkramyate- ( ; parasmE-pada caṅ-kramy/amāṇa-[ ]or kramam- and ) or caṅkramīti- (; imperfect tense 2. plural caṅkramata- ; future parasmE-pada caṅkramiṣy/at- ; ind.p. mitvā- ; see mit/a-), to step to and fro, walk or wander about. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prakramP. A1. -krāmati-, -kramate-, (P.) to step or stride forwards, set out, walk on, advance, proceed, resort to (accusative; Aorist A1. -c/akramanta- ; prākraṃsta- ), march, pass, go etc. ; (with pradakṣiṇam-) to walk around from left to right ; to cross, traverse ; (A1.) to undertake, commence, begin (with accusative, artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound',or infinitive mood) (also P. exempli gratia, 'for example' varayām pra-cakramuḥ-= yāṃ-cakruḥ-, ) etc. (see ) ; to act or behave towards (locative case) : Causal -krāmayati-, to cause to step forwards : Desiderative cikraṃ-siṣyate- Va1rtt. 2
upotkram(upa-ud-kram-) P. (imperfect tense 3. plural up/od-akrāman-) to go up or ascend towards (accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
utkram(ud-kram-) P. (and rarely A1.) -krāmati-, -kramati- (Ved. imperfect tense 3. plural -akraman- ), -te- (perfect tense 3. plural -cakramus- ) to step up, go up, ascend etc. ; to step out, go out or away ; to pass away, die etc. ; to go over, pass over, omit ; not to notice ; to neglect, transgress etc.: Causal P. -kramayati- and -krāmayati-, to cause to go up or ascend etc.: Desiderative -cikramiṣati-, or -cikramiṣyati-, to wish to go up or out View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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apakramaḥ अपक्रमः 1 Going away, flight, escape, retreat. -2 The place or limit to which one may retreat; विक्षि- पत्येष विक्षेपं चन्द्रादीनामपक्रमात् Sūrya S. -3 Gliding or passing away (of time). -a. [अपगतः क्रमो यस्मात्] 1 Without order. -2 Irregular, in wrong order. अपक्रमणम् apakramaṇam क्रामः krāmḥ अपक्रमणम् क्रामः Retreat, retiring, flight, escape &c.
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vicakramāṇa vi-cakramāṇá, pf. pt. Ā. having strode out, i. 154, 1 [kram stride].
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prakramanti circumambulateSB 5.22.17
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