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suind. (opp. to dus-and corresponding in sense to Greek ;perhaps connected with 1. v/asu-,and, according to to some, with pronoun base sa-,as ku-with ka-;in veda- also s/ū-and liable to become ṣu-or ṣū-and to lengthen a preceding vowel, while a following na-may become ṇa-;it may be used as an adjective (cf. mfn.) or adverb), good, excellent, right, virtuous, beautiful, easy, well, rightly, much, greatly, very, any, easily, willingly, quickly (in older language often with other particles; especially with u-,="forthwith, immediately";with mo- id est mā u-,="never, by no means"; s/u kam-often emphatically with an imperative exempli gratia, 'for example' t/iṣṭhā s/u kam maghavan m/ā parā gāḥ-,"do tarry O maghavan-, go not past" ; su-always qualifies the meaning of a verb and is never used independently at the beginning of a verse;in later language it is rarely a separate word, but is mostly prefixed to substantives, adjectives, adverbs and participles, exceptionally also to an ind.p. exempli gratia, 'for example' su-baddhvā-,"having well bound" ;or even to a finite verb exempli gratia, 'for example' su-nirvavau- )
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kandaḥ कन्दः दम् 1 A bulbous root. -2 A bulb; किं कन्दाः कन्दरेभ्यः प्रलयमुपगताः Bh.3.69; (fig. also); ज्ञानकन्द. -3 Garlic. -4 A knot, swelling. -5 An affection of the male or female organ. -दः 1 A cloud. -2 Comphor. -Comp. -अशः An ascetic subsisting on roots; कन्दाशैस्त्रि- दशैश्च यत्पदरजो वन्द्यं मुकुन्दादिभिः । Chola Champu ed. by Dr. V. Raghavan (V.1, p.1). -मूलम् a radish. -संज्ञम् prolapsus uteri. -सारम् the garden of Indra.
saṃdhiḥ संधिः 1 Union, junction, combination, connection; संधये सरला सूची वक्रा छेदाय कर्तरी Subhāṣ.; Me.6. -2 A compact, an agreement. -3 Alliance, league, friendship, peace, treaty of peace (one of the six expedients to be used in foreign politics); कति प्रकाराः संधीनां भवन्ति H.4; (the several kinds are described in H.4.16- 125); शत्रुणा न हि संदध्यात् सुश्लिष्टेनापि संधिना H.1.85. -4 A joint, articulation (of the body); तुरगानुधावनकाण्डितसंधेः Ś.2. -5 A fold (of a garment). -6 A breach, hole, chasm. -7 Especially a mine, chasm or opening made by thieves in a wall or underneath a building; संधिं छित्त्वा तु ये चौर्यं रात्रौ कुर्वन्ति तस्कराः Ms.9.276; वृक्षवाटिका- परिसरे संधिं कृत्वा प्रविष्टो$स्मि मध्यमकम् Mk.3. -8 Separation, division. -9 Euphony, euphonic junction or coalition (in gram.) -1 An interval, a pause. -11 A critical juncture. -12 An opportune moment. -13 A period at the expiration of each Yuga or age; त्रेताद्वापरयोः संधौ Mb.1.2.3. -14 A division or joint (in a drama); (they are five; see S. D.33-332); तौ संधिषु व्यञ्जितवृत्तिभेदम् Ku.7.91. -15 The vulva. -16 Distillation. -17 Land etc. donated for the worship of temple deities etc. (cf. Dr. Raghavan's note on वृत्तिसंन्धिप्रतिपादकः Cholachampū p.1 "संधिः देवपूजार्थमतिसृष्टं तादृशं भूम्यादिकं संधिपदस्य द्रविडदेवालयशिलाशासनेषु तादृशे$र्थे व्यवहारदर्शनात् ।"). -18 Contrivance, management; तस्य सावरणदृष्टसंधयः काम्यवस्तुषु नवेषु संगिनः R.19.16. -19 Twilight. -2 A seam. -21 The connecting link of a perpendicular (in mensuration). -22 The common side of double triangle. -Comp. -अक्षरम् a diphthong. -काष्ठम् the wood below the top of a gable. -गृहः a bee-hive. -चोरः a housebreaker, a thief who breaks into a house. -छेदः making holes or breaches (in a wall &c.); as in संधिच्छेदशिक्षकः M.4. -छेदनम् burglary. -जम् spirituous liquor. -जीवकः one who lives by dishonest means (particularly as a go-between), -दूषणम् violation of a treaty; अरिषु हि विजयार्थिनः क्षितीशा विदधति सोपधि संधिदूषणानि Ki.1.45. -नालः, -लम् Unguis Odoratus (नख, क्षुर). -पालत्वम् maintenance of treaties. -प्रबन्धनम् the ligament of a joint. -बन्ध 1 the tissues of joints; Ś.2. -2 the cement or lime. -बन्धनम् a ligament tendon, nerve. -भङ्गः, -मुक्तिः f. dislocation of a joint. -मोक्षः the breaking of peace; Kau. A.7. -रन्ध्रका a hole in a wall. -विग्रह m. du. peace and war. ˚अधिकारः the office of the minister for foreign affairs. -विग्रहकः a minister presiding over the above. -विचक्षणः*** one skilled in negotiating treaties. -विद् m. a negotiator of treaties. -विपर्ययौ peace and war; दूते संधिविपर्ययौ Ms.7.65. -वेला 1 the time of twilight. -2 any connecting period -शूलम् a kind of painful indigestion (आमवात). -संभवः a diphthong. -हारकः a house-breaker.
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aghavant adjective sinful (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 41747/72933
maghavan noun (masculine) name of Indra
Frequency rank 4476/72933
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maghonaḥ varṇanaṃ purāṇeṣu prāpyate।

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