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vyadhvaḥ2.1.16MasculineSingularkāpathaḥ, duradhvaḥ, vipathaḥ, kadadh
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adadhऱ्yañc अदध्ऱ्यञ्च् [अमुं अञ्चति अदस्-अञ्च् क्विप् अध्ऱ्यागमः P. VIII.2.8-81.] Going to that, tending to that.
sadadhan सदधन् a. Mixed with sour milk.
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dha 1. dhá put, III. dádhāti, v. 83, 1; supply with (inst.), ii. 35, 12; bestow, ipv. dhehí, x. 14, 11; dhattá, i. 85, 12; ii. 12, 5; x. 15, 7; dadhāta, x. 15, 4. [237] 7; dadhātana, x. 15, 11; dhattá̄m, iv. 51, 11; dadhantu, vii. 63, 6; perform, ipf. dhatta, i. 85, 9; bestow, s ao. sb. dhāsathas, i. 160, 5; establish,pf. dadhé, x. 129, 7; ds. desire to bestow, didhiṣanti, ii. 35, 5; support, dídhiṣāmi, ii. 35, 12 [Gk. τἰθημι]. ádhi- put on (acc.): pf. dadhire, i. 85, 2; ao. ádhita, x. 127, 1. á̄- deposit, root ao. sb. dhās, v. 83, 7. ní- deposit, root ao. dhātam, vii. 71, 5; ps. ao. ádhāyi, viii. 48, 10. pári- put around, vi. 54, 10. prá- put from (ab.) into (lc.), vii. 61, 3. ví- impose: pf. dadhur, iv. 51, 6; divide, ipf. ádadhur, x. 90, 11. purás- place at the head, appoint Purohita: pf. dadhire, iv. 50, 1.
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adadhi n. what is not curds.
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adadhād indre pavamāna ojaḥ RV.9.97.41c; SV.1.542c; 2.605c; JB.3.240c; N.14.17c.
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yugapadadhikaraṇavacanatādenotation of two or more things by one single member by virtue of their being put together in a dvandva compound of two or more words; the grammarians advocate this doctrine stating that in a dvandva compound such as घटपटौ or घटपटम् , the word घट has the capacity of expressing the sense of both घट and पट, which in a sentence घटः पटश्च, it does not possess. Similarly पट also has the capacity of conveying the sense of both पट and घट. Possibly this theory is advocated by grarnmarians, on the analogy of words like पितरौ or मातरौ for मातापितरौ, द्यावा for द्यावापृथिवी and so on; confer, compare सिद्धं तु युगपदधिकरणवचने द्वन्द्ववचनात् P. II 2.29 Vart. 2. For details see Vyakaranamahabhasya on चार्थे द्वन्द्वः P. II. 2.29.
yugapadadhikaraṇavivakṣādesire to express two or more senses simultaneously (by one word) ; confer, compare सर्वाणि द्वन्द्व बह्वर्थानि। युगपदधिकरणविवक्षायां द्वन्द्वो भवति Mahābhāṣya of Patañjali on the Sūtras of Pāṇini (Dr. Kielhorn's edition ). on P. II.4.62. See युगपदधिकरणवचनता.
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adadhi adjective excluding dadhi
Frequency rank 42374/72933
kadadhvan noun (masculine) bad road (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 48443/72933
kṣupadadhīcisaṃvāda noun (masculine) name of Liṅgapurāṇa, 1.36
Frequency rank 50692/72933
madadh noun (feminine) name of a plant
Frequency rank 61267/72933


mulk-curds hypothesis about the transformation of tissues.

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