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abravam: first person singular present imperfect class 2 parasmaipadabrū
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brū cl.2 P. A1. () br/avīti-, brūt/e- (only proper stem;the other forms are supplied by vac- confer, compare ; brūmi-for bravīmi- ; subjunctive br/avas-, vat- ; imperative brūhi-, Epic also bravīhi-, bruvadhvam-; brūtāt- ; imperfect tense abruvam-for abravam- ; pr.p. A1. Epic bruvamāṇa-for bruvāṇa-; preceding 2. plural brūyāsta- wrong reading for brūyās tat-), to speak, say, tell (either intrans.;or with accusative of Persian or thing;or with accusative of thing and accusative dative case genitive case or locative case of person = to tell or relate anything to;with two accusative also = declare or pronounce to be, call) etc. ; to speak about any person or thing (accusative with or without prati-,or adhikṛtya-) etc. ; to proclaim, predict ; to answer (either intrans. with punar-or trans. with praśnam-,"a question") ; (with anyathā-) to speak or decide or judge wrongly ; (A1.,rarely P.) to call or profess one's self to be (Nominal verb,rarely with iti-) ; (A1.) to designate for one's self, choose ; (A1.) to be told by itself, tell itself (tell its tale) Va1rtt. 1 [ confer, compare Zend mru1.]
upabrūA1. -brūte- (once P. imperfect tense 1. sg. -abravam- ) to speak to, address ; to invoke for, entreat, ask for ; to persuade View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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yad abravaṃ prathamaṃ vāṃ vṛṇānaḥ RV.1.108.6a.
dakṣaṃ pṛñcantam abravam # RV.8.24.14b. See rādhaḥ pṛñcantam.
bhojaṃ dātāram abravam # RV.8.3.24d.
mātur didhiṣum abravam # RV.6.55.5a.
yad adya tvā sūryopabravāmahai # RV.10.37.5c.
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