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abhiyoktavyamfn. (in law) to be accused or prosecuted View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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abhiyuj अभियुज् f. (क्-ग्) 1 Attacking &c. -2 An enemy. अभियोक्तव्य abhiyōktavya योज्य yōjya अभियोक्तव्य योज्य pot. p. To be rebuked or blamed; to be accused; न स राज्ञा$भियोक्तव्यः Ms.8.5; assailable, indictable.
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abhiyoktavya fp. to be prose cuted; -yoktri, m. assailant; plaintiff; -yoga, m. employment; exertion, diligence; attack; charge; -yogin, a. prosecuting; -yogya, fp. to be attacked, assailable.
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