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abhimukham: neuter nominative singular stem: abhimukha
abhimukham: masculine accusative singular stem: abhimukha
abhimukham: neuter accusative singular stem: abhimukha
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ūrarī3.3.262MasculineSingularabhimukham, samīpam, ubhayataḥ, śīghram, sākalyam
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abhimukhamind. towards (often used in a hostile manner ), in the direction of, in front or presence of, near to (accusative genitive case;or in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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abhimukham face to faceSB 10.43.10
SB 4.25.31
abhimukham facing the chariotSB 12.11.49
abhimukham facing towardSB 5.22.1
abhimukham favorably facingSB 2.9.16
abhimukham in front ofSB 9.6.18
abhimukham looking forwardSB 4.25.38
abhimukham toward HimSB 11.30.41
abhimukham towardsSB 1.8.17
prasāda-abhimukham always prepared to offer causeless mercySB 4.8.45
prasāda-abhimukham always prepared to offer causeless mercySB 4.8.45
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abhimukham, sammukham   

kasyāpi purataḥ।

aparādhī nyāyādhīśasya abhimukham upasthitaḥ।

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