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yogam: neuter nominative singular stem: yoga
yogam: neuter accusative singular stem: yoga
yogam: masculine accusative singular stem: yoga
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yogam absorption, tranceSB 6.10.12
yogam action in devotionBG 5.5
yogam connection with the AbsoluteSB 11.15.33
yogam contactSB 9.13.9
yogam devotional serviceBG 5.1
yogam in devotional serviceBG 12.11
yogam in meditationBG 6.19
yogam in spiritual practiceSB 11.28.29
yogam in yogaBG 4.42
yogam linking with the SupremeBG 6.2
yogam meditationSB 11.30.26
yogam mystic powerBG 10.18
BG 10.7
SB 10.62.21
SB 9.21.27
yogam mystic powersSB 2.6.35
yogam mystic yogaSB 3.25.31
yogam mysticismBG 18.75
SB 4.23.9
yogam self-realizationBG 2.53
BG 7.1
yogam serviceSB 2.7.19
yogam spiritual knowledgeCC Madhya 24.159
yogam the deviceSB 4.5.24
yogam the eightfold yoga systemBG 6.3
yogam the mystic performancesSB 9.12.2
yogam the mystic processSB 5.19.15
yogam the mystic yoga systemSB 8.14.8
yogam the practice of yogaSB 11.28.43
yogam the processSB 11.10.19
yogam the process of devotional service to the Supreme Personality of GodheadSB 5.13.14
yogam the process of fixing the mind in the Absolute TruthSB 11.13.15
yogam the process of yogaSB 12.11.11-12
yogam the science of one's relationship to the SupremeBG 4.1
yogam the system of mystic yogaSB 11.28.43
yogam yogaSB 3.33.35
yogam YogaSB 4.1.49-52
yogam yoga practiceBG 6.11-12
yogam yoga systemSB 3.25.14
yogam yogic powerSB 3.23.12
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