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vedam: neuter nominative singular stem: veda
vedam: neuter accusative singular stem: veda
vedam: masculine accusative singular stem: veda
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vedamSee brāhmaṇa-- and yāvad-v-. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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vedam knowledgeSB 2.7.21
SB 3.12.38
vedam the actual meaning of the Vedic literatureSB 11.12.22-23
vedam the four VedasSB 4.29.48
vedam the knowledge of the VedasSB 12.8.48
vedam the personified VedaSB 6.6.19
vedam the respective VedasSB 1.4.23
vedam the transcendental knowledge known as VedaSB 7.14.41
vedam the VedaSB 12.6.48-49
vedam the VedasSB 9.18.5
vedam the Vedas (represented by bundles of darbha grass)SB 12.8.33-34
vedam the Vedic literatureSB 3.12.39
vedam they are all Vedic knowledgeSB 3.12.38
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