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tavai(1)krt affix तवै for the infinitive affix तुम् in Vedic Literature. The affix तवै has a peculiarity of accent, namely that the word ending in तवै has got both the initial and ending vowels accented acute (उदात्त); exempli gratia, for example सोममिन्द्राय पातवै, हर्षसे दातवा उ; confer, compare P.III.4.9; and VI. 1.200; (2) krtya affix in Vedic Literature, exempli gratia, for example परिघातवै for परिघातव्यम्; confer, compare Kāśikā of Jayāditya and Vāmana. on P. III. 4.14.
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tavai indeclinable [gramm.] kṛt tavai (Infinitiv)
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