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nivid(Aorist -avediṣur- ; infinitive mood -veditum-,with varia lectio dayitum- ), to tell, communicate, proclaim, report, relate: Caus. -vedayati-, te- (perfect tense -vedayām āsa- ind.p. dayitvā-,or dya-) idem or 'etc. See ni-biḍa-.' (with dative case genitive case or locative case) etc. ; to offer, present, give, deliver etc. ; (with ātmānam-), to offer or present one's self (as a slave etc.) etc. ; to proclaim id est introduce one's self ; (with doṣam-) to throw the blame upon (dative case) (Bombay edition) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nividf. instruction, information (see ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nividf. Name of particular sentences or short formularies inserted in a liturgy and containing epithets or short invocations of the gods etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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nivid निविद् 2 P. (generally in the Caus.) 1 To tell, communicate, inform (with dat.); उपस्थितां होमवेलां गुरवे निवेदयामि Ś.4; काश्यपाय वनस्पतिसेवां निवेदयावः ibid; R.2.68. -2 To declare or announce oneself; कथमात्मानं निवेद- यामि Ś.1. -3 To indicate, betray, show; शङ्कापरिग्रहनि- वेदयिता Mu.1; दिगम्बरत्वेन निवेदितं वसु Ku.5.72; R.17.4. -4 To offer, present, give, make an offer of; स्वराज्यं चन्द्रापीडाय न्यवेदयत् K.367; राज्यमस्मै न्यवेदयत् R.15.7; 11.47; Ms.2.51; Y.1.27. -5 To entrust to the care of, make or deliver over to.
nivid निविद् f. Ved. 1 Speech, a short Vedic text; स हेतयैव निविदा प्रतिपेदे यावन्तो वैश्वदेवस्य निविद्युच्यन्ते Bri. Up.3.9.1. -2 Instruction, precept, direction. -3 Invocation.
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nivid f. direction, precept; invo cation of the gods inserted in certain parts of the liturgy: -dhâna, a. containing the Nivids; n. insertion of the Nivids.
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nivid Denotes a brief invocation of the deity that is invited in a liturgy in honour of the god. The Brāhmanas repeatedly mention Nivids as inserted in the śastras (recitations), and the Khilas of the Rigveda preserve among them a set of Nivids. But it is doubtful whether the habit of using such brief formulas—the Nivid is usually not more than a Pada or quarter-verse in length—is known to the Rigveda, though it has been seen even there, and the word Nivid is several times found in that Samhitā, but hardly in the technical sense of the Brāhmanas. In the later Samhitās the technical sense is common.
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nivid verb (class 2 parasmaipada) to communicate (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
to tell (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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prārth, abhyarth, samprārth, nivid, vijñā   


prārthaye ahaṃ gṛhagamanārtham।

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