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"mith" has 2 results.
        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√मिथ्mithbeing wise / medhā833/1Cl.1
√मिथ्mithinjuring / hiṃsana1297/3Cl.1
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bhrāntiḥ1.5.4FeminineSingularmithyāmatiḥ, bhramaḥmistake
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mith cl.1 P. A1. (see ) m/ethati-, te- (pr. p. f. mithat/ī- ; perfect tense mimetha- ; ind.p. mithitvā- ), to unite, pair, couple, meet (as friend or antagonist), alternate, engage in altercation ; (A1.) to dash together (according to to also"to understand"or"to kill") . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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mith मिथ् 1 U. (मेथति-ते) 1 To associate with. -2 To unite, pair, copulate. -3 To hurt, injure, strike, kill. -4 To understand, perceive, know. -5 To wrangle, contradict. -6 To grasp, seize.
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