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manvantara: neuter vocative singular stem: manvantara
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manvantaran. the period or age of a manu- (it comprises about 71 mahā-yugas-[q.v.], which are held equal to 12, 000 years of the gods or 4, 320, 000 human years or 1/14th of a day of brahmā-;each of these periods is presided over by its own special manu- [see manu-,];six such manv-antara-s have already elapsed, and the 7th, presided over by manu- vaivasvata-, is now going on; 7 more are to come, making 14 manv-antara-s, which together make up one day of brahmā-) (especially i, 79) etc.
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manvantara n. Manu period (con sisting of seventy-one divine yugas and ruled by a special Manu; the present is the seventh, being under the rule of Manu Vaivasvat).
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manvantara noun (neuter) the period or age of a Manu (it comprises about 71 mahāyugas) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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