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lavaṇam: neuter nominative singular stem: lavaṇa
lavaṇam: masculine accusative singular stem: lavaṇa
lavaṇam: neuter accusative singular stem: lavaṇa
lavaṇām: feminine accusative singular stem: lavaṇa
lāvānām: masculine genitive plural stem: lāva
lāvānām: neuter genitive plural stem: lāva
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lavaḥ2.4.24MasculineSingularlavanam, abhilāvaḥ
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lavanam लवनम् [लू-भावे कर्मणि च ल्युट्] 1 Mowing, cutting, reaping (of corn &c.). -2 An instrument for mowing, a sickle, scythe.
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