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kārttikeya: masculine vocative singular stem: kārttikeya
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kārttikeyam. Name of a son of śiva- and pārvatī- (popularly regarded as god of war, because he leads the gaṇa-s or hosts of śiva- against the demon hostsSee p.213; according to to one legend he was son of śiva- without the intervention of pārvatī-, the generative energy of śiva- being cast into the fire and then received by the Ganges, whence he is sometimes described as son of agni- and gaṅgā-;when born he was fostered by the six kṛttikā-s q.v,and these offering their six breasts to the child he became six-headed;he is also called kumāra-, skanda-, and subrahmaṇya-;his N. kārttikeya- may be derived from his foster mothers or from the month kārttika- as the best for warfare: in the and elsewhere he is regarded as presiding over thieves) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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2 results
kārttikeya noun (neuter) [rel.] name of a Tīrtha
Frequency rank 49226/72933
kārttikeya noun (masculine) name of a son of Śiva and Pārvatī (popularly regarded as god of war) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 6599/72933

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