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humind. or hūm- an exclamation (of remembrance, doubt, interrogation, assent, anger, reproach, fear etc., not translatable) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
humind. a mystical syllable used in spells and magical texts or sentences View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
humind. in Vedic ritual used immediately before the singing of the prastāva- or prelude as well as during the chanting of the pratihāra- or response View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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hum हुम् ind. A particle (originally an imitative sound) expressing 1 Remembrance or recollection; हुं ज्ञातम् or रामो नाम बभूव हुं तदबला सीतेति हुम्. -2 Doubt; चैत्रो हुं मैत्रो हुम्. -3 Assent; U.5.35. -4 Anger. -5 Aversion. -6 Reproach. -7 Interrogation. (In spells and incantations हुम् is often found used with dat.; e. g. ओं कवचाय हुम्) (हुंकृ means 'to utter the sound hum', 'to roar, grunt, bellow', as in अनुहुंकृ 'to roar in return'; अनुहुं- कुरुते घनध्वनिं न हि गोमात्युरुतानि केसरी Śi.16.25.). -Comp. -कारः, -कृतिः f. 1 uttering the sound 'hum'; पृष्टा पुनः पुनः कान्ता हुंकारैरेव भाषते. -2 a menacing sound, sound of defiance; क्षतहुंकारशंसिनः Ku.2.26; हुंकारेणेव धनुषः स हि विघ्नानपोहति Ś.3.1; R.7.58; Ku.5.54. -3 roaring, bellowing in general. -4 the grunting of a boar. -5 the twang of a bow. -कृतम् 1 an incantation. -2 the grunt of a wild boar. -3 the roar of thunder.
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hum ij.: with kri, make the sound hum, resound (conch); address harshly (ac.): pp. lowing. anu-hum-kri, Â. answer with a roar.
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hum indeclinable an exclamation (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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