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dadhi: neuter nominative singular stem: dadhan
dadhi: neuter accusative singular stem: dadhan
dadhi: neuter vocative singular stem: dadhan
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dadhin. (replaced in the weakest forms by dh/an-[ ] : instrumental case etc. dhn/ā- dhn/e-, dhn/as-; locative case dhani- dhni-,[ in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound' ] ) coagulated milk, thick sour milk (regarded as a remedy;differing from curds in not having the whey separated from it) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dadhin. turpentine View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dadhin. the resin of Shorea robusta View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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dadhi दधि n. [दध्-इन्] 1 Coagulated milk, thick sour milk; क्षीरं दधिभावेन परिणमते Ś.B; दध्योदनः &c. -2 Turpentine. -3 A garment. -Comp. -अन्नम्, -ओदनम् boiled rice mixed with दधि; Y.1.289. -उत्तरम्, उत्तर- क(ग)म् the skim of curdled milk, whey. -उदः, -उदकः the ocean of coagulated milk. -कुल्या a stream of दधि; Rām.1.53.3. -कूर्चिका mixture of boiled and coagulated milk. -क्रा, -क्रावन् N. of a divine horse (personification of the morning sun); दधिक्रामग्निमुषसं च देवीम् Rv.1.11.1; दधिक्राव्णो अकारिषं जिष्णोरश्वस्य वाजिनः Rv.4.39.6. -घनः curds; P.III.3.77. Kāśi. -चारः a churning-stick. -जम् fresh butter. -धेनुः f. a cow represented by दधि (offered to priests); Bhāva. P.2 168. -फलः the wood-apple (कपित्थ). -मण़्डः, -वारिः n. whey. -मन्थनम् churning coagulated milk. -शोणः a monkey. -सक्तु m. (pl.) barley-meal mixed with coagulated milk. -सारः, -स्नेहः fresh butter. -स्वेदः buttermilk.
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dadhi n. [√ dhe] sour milk, curds.
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dadhi ‘Sour milk,’ is repeatedly mentioned in the Rigveda and later. The Satapatha Brāhmana3 mentions in order Ghrta (‘ clarified butter ’), Dadhi, Mastu, which Eggeling renders ‘ whey,’ and Amiksā, ‘ curds.’ Dadhi often has the meaning of ‘ curds ’ also. It was used for mixing with Soma.
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dadhi manthaṃ pariśrutam (śś. manthāṃ parisrutam) AVś.20.127.9b; śś. Cf. under ā tvā pariśritaḥ.
dadhi māṃ dhinotu TB.; Apś.4.8.3.
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dadhi noun (neuter) coagulated milk (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
the resin of Shorea robusta (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
thick sour milk (regarded as a remedy) (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
turpentine (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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dadhi, kṣīrajam, maṅgalyam, viralam, payasyam   


rātrau dadhnā odanaṃ na bhojyam iti śāstram।

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