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caram: neuter nominative singular stem: cara
caram: masculine accusative singular stem: cara
caram: neuter accusative singular stem: cara
Amarakosha Search
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antaḥ3.1.80MasculineSingularcaramam, antyam, pāścātyam, paścimam, jaghanyam
ati3.3.249MasculineSingularpratīcī, caramaḥ
cariṣṇuḥ3.1.73MasculineSingularjaṅgamam, caram, trasam, iṅgam, carācaram
malīmasam3.1.54MasculineSingularmalinam, kaccaram, maladūṣitam
Vedabase Search
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caram grazingSB 4.29.53
caram movingBG 13.16
caram moving living entitiesSB 4.18.23-24
caram who was movingSB 10.79.5
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