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calam: neuter nominative singular stem: cala
calam: masculine accusative singular stem: cala
calam: neuter accusative singular stem: cala
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calanam3.1.73MasculineSingulartaralam, lolam, kampanam, pariplavam, cañcalam, calam, pāriplavam, calācalam, kampram
kācaḥ3.3.33MasculineSingularparidhānam, calam, jalaprāntaḥ
yavakṣāraḥ2.9.109MasculineSingularsauvarcalam, rucakam, ‍kāpotaḥ, ‍sukhavarcakaḥ
Vedabase Search
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calam and changeSB 11.25.14
calam flickeringBG 17.18
BG 6.35
calam flickering, subject to end at any momentSB 9.13.3
calam movingSB 8.5.28
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kampanam, calanam, kampram, calam, lolam, cañcalam, pāriplavam, pariplavam, vepathuḥ   


vyādhigrastasya tasya śarīre kampanāni santi।

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