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bhyas has 1 results
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√भ्यस्bhyasfearing / bhaya747/1Cl.1
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bhyas cl.1 A1. () bhy/asate- (only imperfect tense /abhyasetām- ; subjunctive bhy/asāt- ; grammar also perfect tense babhyase- future bhyasiṣyati-etc.: Causal bhyāsayati-: Desiderative bibhyasiṣate-: Intensive bābhyasyate-, bābhyasti-), to fear, be afraid, tremble (see bhī-,of which this is a secondary form, prob. through bhiyas-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhyas भ्यस् 1 Ā. (भ्यसते) To fear. -Caus. To frighten.
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bhyas bhyas = bhī fear, I. Ā. bhyásate, ii. 12, 1.
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bhyascase-affix of the dative and ablative plural: confer, compare स्वौजसमौट् P.IV. 1. 2.
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bhyas noun (masculine) [gramm.] ending bhyas
Frequency rank 61013/72933
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saṃvij, bhī, klav, bheṣ, bhrī, bhyas, bhreṣ, śaṅk   

manasi udvegotpattyanukūlaḥ vyāpāraḥ।

bheṣajagrahaṇād anantaraṃ tasya prāṇāḥ saṃvijante।

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