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        Root WordIAST MeaningMonier Williams PageClass
√भन्द्bhandtelling good news / kalyāṇa263/2Cl.1
√भन्द्bhandbeing glad / sukha1220/3Cl.1
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bhand cl.1 A1. () bh/andate-, to be greeted with praise, receive applause ( also = to be or make fortunate or excellent;to be or make glad;to shine;to honour or worship) : Causal bhandayati-, to cause to prosper View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhand भन्द् I. 1 Ā. (भन्दते) 1 To tell a good news. -2 To be glad. -3 To be fortunate. -4 To be excellent. -5 To honour, worship. -6 To shine. -II. 1 U. (भन्दयति- ते) 1 To do an auspicious act. -2 To cause to thrive.

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