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bhagnamfn. broken (literally and figuratively), shattered, split, torn, defeated, checked, frustrated, disturbed, disappointed etc. (sometimes forming the first instead of the second part of a compound exempli gratia, 'for example' grīvā-bhagna-, dharma-bh-for bhagna-grīva-, -dharma-;also"one who has broken a limb" ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhagnamfn. bent, curved View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhagnamfn. lost View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
bhagnan. the fracture of a leg View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhagna भग्न p. p. [भञ्ज्-क्त] 1 Broken, fractured, shattered, torn; रथोद्वहनखिन्नाश्च भग्ना मे रथवाजिनः Rām.6.14.16. -2 Frustrated, foiled, disappointed. -3 Checked, arrested, suspended. -4 Marred, impaired. -5 Routed, completely defeated or vanquished; त्वर तेन महाबाहो भग्न एष न संशयः Rām.6.88.4; U.5. -6 Demolished, destroyed. (See भञ्ज्). -ग्नम् Fracture of the leg. -Comp. -अस्थि a. one whose bones are broken. ˚बन्धः a splint. -आत्मन् m. an epithet of the moon. -आपद् a. one who has surmounted difficulties or misfortunes. -आश a. disappointed; भग्नशस्य करण्डपीडिततनोर्म्लानेन्द्रियस्य क्षुधा Bh.2.84. -उत्साह a. broken in energy, depressed in spirits, discouraged, damped. -उद्यम a. foiled in one's endeavours, disappointed, baffled; मन्ये दुर्जन- चित्तवृत्तिहरणे धाता$पि भग्नोद्यमः H.2.165. -क्रमः violation of symmetry in construction or expression; see प्रक्रमभङ्ग. -चेष्ट a. disappointed, frustrated. -तालः (in music) a kind of measure. -दंष्ट्र a. having the fangs broken. -दर्प a. humbled, crest-fallen. -निद्र a. whose sleep is interrupted. -परिणाम a. preventing from finishing. -पादर्क्षम् N. of six नक्षत्रs collectively (viz. पुनर्वसू, उत्तरा- षाढा, कृत्तिका, उत्तराफल्गुनी, पूर्वभाद्रपदा and विशाखा). -पार्श्व a. suffering from a pain in the sides. -पृष्ठ a. 1 having a broken back. -2 coming in front. -प्रकृमः 1 disorder, confusion. -2 absence of regularity or symmetry; see प्रक्रमभङ्गः. -प्रतिज्ञ a. one who has broken his promises. -मनस् a. discouraged, disappointed. -मनोरथ a. disappointed in expectations; तथा समक्षं दहता मनोभवं पिनाकिना भग्नमनोरथा सती Ku.5.1. -मान a. disgraced, dishonoured. -व्रत a. faithless in one's vows; Pt.4.1. -संकल्प a. one whose designs are frustrated. -संधिकम् butter-milk.
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bhagna pp. (√ bhañg) broken, etc.; n. fracture of the leg; -krama, n. violation of syntactical construction; -gânu, a. broken-kneed; -tâ, f. condition of being broken: pravahanasya, ship wrecked condition; -pra krama, n. inappropriate sequence in using a word not suiting one previously employed (rh.); -pratigña, a. having broken one's promise, faithless; -bhânda, a. having broken his pots; -manas, a.discouraged; -manoratha, a. disappointed; -mâna, a. whose pride has been offended; -yâkña, a. whose request has been refused; -vrata, a. having broken his vow; -sakti, a. whose power is broken; -samdhi, a. having broken joints; -½âsa, a. whose hopes have been frustrated, disap pointed; -½udyama, a. whose efforts have been foiled, baffled.
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bhagna noun (neuter) the fracture of a leg (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

Frequency rank 5514/72933


broken; bone fracture.

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bhagna, bhañjita, khaṇḍita, vikhaṇḍita, vicchinna   

yad khaṇḍyate।

śivasya bhagnaṃ dhanuṣaṃ dṛṣṭvā paraśurāmaḥ kruddhaḥ।


bhagna, jīrṇa, jarjara, śīrṇa   

yaḥ avadāritaḥ।

asya bhagnasya aitihāsikabhavanasya niṣkṛtiḥ āvaśyakī।

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