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ayuddhamfn. ( yudh-), unconquered, irresistible View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ayuddhan. not war, absence of war, peace View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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ayuddha अयुद्ध a. Ved. 1 Not fighting. -2 Unconquered, irresistible. अयुद्ध इद् युधा वृतम् Rv.8.45.3. -द्धम Absence of fighting or war. -Comp. -सेन a. of unconquerable armies (or arrows), irresistible. अयुद्धसेनो विभ्वा विभिन्दता Rv.1.138.5.
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ayuddha pp. uncombated, irresist ible; n. absence of war, peace.
Bloomfield Vedic
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ayuddha id yudhā vṛtam RV.8.45.3a; SV.2.690a; JB.3.276a.
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ayuddha noun (neuter) absence of war (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
not war (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))
peace (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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