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arthe: neuter nominative dual stem: artha
arthe: feminine nominative dual stem: artha
arthe: neuter accusative dual stem: artha
arthe: feminine accusative dual stem: artha
arthe: neuter locative singular stem: artha
arthe: masculine locative singular stem: artha
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arthe locative case ind. with 1. kṛ- (gaRa sakṣād-ādi- q.v) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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arthe about the welfareSB 10.85.16
arthe by the meaningCC Adi 2.66
CC Antya 5.134
CC Antya 5.147
arthe factual causeSB 4.29.35
arthe for the benefitSB 7.1.1
arthe for the matter ofSB 4.22.35
arthe for the purposeSB 7.7.41
arthe for the sakeBG 1.32-35
SB 10.46.9-13
SB 10.56.23
SB 10.65.11-12
SB 10.80.40
SB 10.90.47
SB 12.3.41
SB 5.2.7
arthe for the sake ofSB 1.7.51
SB 12.2.6
arthe for their own interestsSB 6.18.42
arthe in economic developmentSB 11.25.7
arthe in the goals of human life, such as sense gratification, liberation, and attainment of heavenSB 11.20.4
arthe in the interest ofSB 2.2.3
arthe in the matterBG 2.27
arthe in the matter ofSB 3.3.5
arthe in the meaningCC Adi 2.87
arthe in the senseCC Adi 16.77
CC Madhya 24.171
arthe in truthSB 11.22.56
arthe matterSB 4.8.12
arthe meaningCC Adi 7.111
arthe meaningsCC Antya 7.87
arthe real causeSB 11.28.13
SB 3.27.4
arthe sense objectsSB 4.29.73
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