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aritra: masculine vocative singular stem: aritra
aritra: neuter vocative singular stem: aritra
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aritramfn. () propelling, driving View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
aritram. an oar View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
aritran. (f ā-.) (ar/itra- [ ] or /aritra- [ ]) an oar (confer, compare d/aśāritra-, n/ityār-, ś/atār-, sv-aritr/a-) ; [ Latin aratrum.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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aritra अरित्र a. [गच्छत्यनेन; ऋ-इत्र P.III.2.184.] Ved. 1 Propelling, urging onwards. -2 Protecting on all sides. -त्रम् An oar; लोलैररित्रैश्चरणैरिवाभितः Śi.12.17. -2 A rudder, helm; नावा चापि यथा प्राज्ञो विभागज्ञः स्वरित्रया Mb. 14.5.27. -3 A ship, boat. -4 A part of a carriage. -5 A Soma vessel. -त्रः A Soma vessel. [cf. L. aratrum Gr. cretmos]. -Comp. -गाध a. 'oardeep', shallow (water). -परण a. Ved. crossing by means of oars.
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aritra a. driving; m. n. oar.
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aritra Denotes the ‘oar’ by which boats were propelled. The Rigveda and the Vājasaneyi Samhitā speak of a vessel with a hundred oars, and a boat (nau) is said to be * propelled by oars’ (aritra-parana). In two passages of the Rigveda the term, according to the St. Petersburg Dictionary, denotes a part of a chariot. The rower of a boat is called aritr. See Nau.
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aritra noun (neuter) an oar
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