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puṇḍarīkaḥ3.3.11MasculineSingularapriyam, anṛtam
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apriyam detestableSB 1.9.14
apriyam displeasingSB 10.90.19
apriyam not agreeableSB 3.32.24
apriyam not likedSB 9.6.41-42
apriyam not pleasingSB 4.29.30-31
apriyam that which is not very much appreciatedCC Antya 5.137
apriyam the unpleasantBG 5.20
apriyam unfavorablySB 10.25.5
apriyam unpalatableSB 1.13.13
apriyam unpleasant newsSB 10.50.3
apriyam unpleasantnessSB 10.60.22
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