śyenaḥ श्येनः

Definition: श्येनः [श्यै-इनन् Uṇ.2.45] 1 The white colour. -2 Whiteness. -3 A hawk, falcon. -4 Violence. -5 Ved. A horse. -6 A kind of array in battle. -Comp. -अवपातः the swoop of a hawk; श्येनावपातचकिता वनवर्ति- केव Māl.8.8. -कपोतीय a. (from Śibi story) sudden (calamity). -करणम्, -करणिका 1 burning on a separate funeral pile. -2 a hawk-like, i. e. rash and desperate, act. -चित्, -जीविन् m. falconer; Ms.3.164. -पातः the swoop of a hawk or eagle; वडवे इव संयुक्ते श्येनपाते दिवौकसाम् Mb.3.133.26.

Dictionary: Apte
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