ñya ञ्य

Definition: taddhita affix य signifying the substitution of vrddhi as also the acute accent for the first vowel of the word to which it is added. It is added (1) to words headed by प्रगदिन् in the four senses termed वंतुरर्थ e.g.प्रागृद्यम्, शारद्यम् etc.;cf.P.IV. 2.80; (2).to the word गम्भीर and अव्ययीभाव compounds in the sense of present there', e.g. गाम्भीर्यम्, पारिमुख्यम् etc. cf. P.IV.3.58, 59 (3) to the word विदूर e.g. वैदुर्य; cf. P. IV.3.84;.(4) to the words headed by शण्डिक in the sense of 'domicile of', e.g. शाण्डिक्यः; cf. P. IV.3.92; (5) to the words छन्दोग, औक्थिक, नट etc. in the sense of duty (धर्म) or scripture (अाम्नाय) e. g. छान्दोग्यम्, औविथक्यम् नाट्यम् etc.; cf. P. IV. 3.129; (6) to the word गृहपति in the sense of ’associated with'; e.g. गार्हपत्यः (अग्निः);cf.P.IV.4.90;(7) to the words ऋषभ and उपानह्; cf. P. V.1.14; .(8) to the words अनन्त, आवसथ etc.,cf. P. V.4.23; (9) to the word अतिथि; cf. P.V.4.26; and (10) to the words in the sense of पूग(wandering tribes for earning money), as also to the words meaning व्रात (kinds of tribes) as also to words ending with the affix च्फञ् under certain conditions; cf. P.V.3. 112, 113.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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