vyāpāda व्यापाद

Definition: m. ruin, destruction, death; evil intent: -ka, a. fatal (disease); -pâdana, n. destruction, killing, death by (--°ree;); -pâda nîya, fp. to be destroyed or killed: -tâ, f. necessity of being killed; -pâdayitavya, fp. to be destroyed or killed; -pâra, m. [√ 3. pri] occupation, employment, business, con cern; action, operation, function; exertion, effort; --°ree;, occupation with, practice of etc.; sâyakânâm--,business of arrows (i. e. to hit the mark); -m kri, render good offices in a matter (tatra); perform the business of (g.); meddle in (other people's affairs, lc.); -m vrag, interfere with (lc.); -pâra-ka, a. (--°ree;) having -as a function; -pâra-vat, a. effec tive: -tâ, f. possession of the function of (--°ree;); -pâra-sata, n. hundred attempts; -pârita, cs. pp. √ 3. pri; -pârin, a. occupied with (--°ree;); m. workman.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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