śuddhiḥ शुद्धिः

Definition: शुद्धिः [शुध्-क्तिन्] 1 Purity, cleanness. -2 Brightness, lustre; मुक्तागुणशुद्धयो$पि (चन्द्रपादाः) R.16.18. -3 Sanctity, holiness; तीर्थाभिषेकजां शुद्धिमाद्धाना महीक्षितः R. 1.85. -4 Purification, expiation, atonement, expiatory act; शरीरत्यागमात्रेण शुद्धिलाभममन्यत R.12.1. -5 A purificatory or expiatory rite. -6 Paying off or clearing (of expenses). -7 Retaliation, requital. -8 Acquittal, innocence (established by trial). -9 Truth, accuracy, correctness. -1 Rectification, correction. -11 Subtraction. -12 Name of Durgā. -13 (in Arith.) Leaving no remainder. -Comp. -कर a. purifying, correcting. -कृत् m. a washerman. -पत्रम् 1 a list of errata or corrigenda. -2 a certificate of purification by penance or atonement. -भृत् a. 1 clear, clean. -2 pious, virtuous.

Dictionary: Apte
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