śuddha शुद्ध

Definition: शुद्ध p. p. [शुध्-क्त] 1 Pure, clean, purified; अन्तः- शुद्धस्त्वमपि भविता वर्णमात्रेण कृष्णः Me.51. -2 Holy, undefiled, chaste, innocent; अन्वमीयत शुद्धेति शान्तेन वपुषैव सा R. 15.77;14.14. -3 White, bright. -4 Stainless, spotless. -5 Innocent, simple, guileness. -6 (a) Genuine, true. (b) Honest, upright. -7 Correct, faultless, upright. -8 Cleared, acquitted. -9 Mere only; शुद्धं हि दैवमेवेदं हठेनैवास्ति पौरुषम् Mb.12.177.12. -1 Simple, pure, unmixed (opp. मिश्र). -11 Unequalled. -12 Authorized. -13 Whetted, sharpened; जघान शुद्धेषुरमन्दकर्षी Bk.2.31. -14 Not nasal. -15 Unmitigated (as capital punishment); तडागभेदकं हन्यादप्सु शुद्धवधेन वा Ms.9.279. -16 Tried, examined. -द्धः 1 An epithet of Śiva. -2 The bright fortnight. -द्धम् 1 Anything pure. -2 The pure spirit. -3 Rock-salt. -4 Black pepper. -5 A house built generally of one material; namely wood, brick or stone etc.; द्रुमेणेष्टकया वापि दृशदाद्यैरथापि वा । एतेन सहितं गेहं शुद्धमित्यभिधीयते Kāmikāgama.45.21. -Comp. -अद्वैतम्the अद्वैत philosophy in which there is unity of जीव and ब्रह्म without माया (i. e. शुद्ध). -अन्तः a king's female apartments, harem, seraglio; शुद्धान्तदुर्लभमिदं वपुराश्रमवासिनो यदि जनस्य Ś.1.17; Ku.6.52. -2 a king's wife. ˚चारिन् m. an attendant in the harem, a chamberlain; U.1. ˚पालकः, ˚रक्षकः a guard of the harem. -अन्ता a king's wife, queen. -अनुमानम् a particular figure of rhetoric. -अपह्नुतिः a figure of speech; it is thus defined :-- शुद्धापह्नुतिरन्यस्यारोपार्थो धर्मनिह्नवः. -आत्मन् a. pure-minded, honest. (-m.) 1 the pure spirit. -2 Name of Śiva. -आभ a. consisting of pure light; प्रशान्तमिव शुद्धाभं सत्त्वं तदुप- धारयेत् Ms.12.27. -ओदनः (शुद्धोदनः) Name of the father of the celebrated Buddha. ˚सुतः Name of the celebrated Buddha. -कर्मन् a. pure in deeds, holy. -कोटिः f. one of the sides of a right-angled triangle. -चैतन्यम् pure intelligence. -जङ्घः an ass. -जडः a quadruped. -धी, -भाव, -मति a. pure-minded, guileless, honest. -नेरिः a kind of dance. -पक्षः the light half of a month. -वटुकः (in music) a kind of drummer. -बोध a. (in Vedānta) possessed of pure intelligence. -भाव a. pure-minded. -वधः killing in a simple or ordinary way. -वंश्य a. born of a pure family; संततिः शुद्धवंश्या हि परत्रेह च शर्मणे R.1.69. -विष्कम्भकः (in drama.) a pure interlude (in which only speakers of संस्कृत take part). -शुक्रम् a morbid affection of the pupil of the eye.

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