ātharvaṇa आथर्वण

Definition: आथर्वण a. (-णी f.) [अथर्वणा मुनिना दृष्टः वेदः अण् आथर्वणः तमधीते वेत्ति वा अण् P.IV.3.133] Originating from, relating or belonging to, the Atharvaveda or the Athrvans; अग्नौ साक्षिण्याथर्वणेन विधिना Dk; आथर्वण- स्तीव्र इवाभिचारः Mv.1.62. -णः 1 A Brāhmaṇa knowing or studying the Atharvaveda. -2 A descendant of Atharvan; इदं वै तन्मधु दध्यङ्ङार्थवणो$श्विभ्यामुवाच Bṛi. Up.2.5.16. -3 A priest whose ritual is comprised in the Atharvaveda. -4 The Atharvaveda itself (अथर्वणां समूहः). -5 A housepriest. -णम् 1 A private room in which the sacrificer is informed of the happy event of the sacrifice by the officiating Brāhmaṇa. -2 The black art, magic (जारणमारण). -शिरस् n. Name of an Upaniṣad belonging to the Atharvaveda.

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