ātharvaṇa आथर्वण

Definition: A patronymic formed from the name of the mythic Atharvan, is found normally in the plural neuter as a designation of the hymns of the Atharvans. This use appears in the late nineteenth book of the Atharvaveda, and in the Pañcavimśa Brāhmana. In the singular the expression Atharvana (Veda), though not occurring till the Chāndogya Upanisad, is earlier than the term * Atharvaveda,’ which is first found in the Sūtras. In the Nidāna Sūtra Atharvanikas, or * followers of the Atharvaveda,’ appear. Specific but mainly mythical Átharvanas are Kabandha, Brhaddiva, Bhisaj, Dadhyañc, and Vicārin.

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